Vijay Eswaran the True Definition of Success

From humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran is one of the best examples of what it means to be an entrepreneur. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth nor was he handed a fortune. It most certainly isn’t by luck that he is where he is today but by hard work, determination and as he would quote: the simple will to move forward and never look back.

In his early life the odds seemed stacked against him, and nothing appeared to be in his favor: He had no connections, the much-needed funding or the support of people that actually believed in him instead people doubted him. I’m sure majority people in the world would find this relatable. According to statistics ever since the growth of the capitalistic era there has been a growing divide between the wealthy and the poor, matter of fact: it is believed that 1% richest people in the world’s wealth amount to 65 times as much as half of the world’s poorest individuals. We almost can’t blame people for thinking us irrational in trying to close that gap but despite people opinions Vijay was determined to make something of his life and not spend it wasting away making more money for somebody else.

When he graduated varsity he worked at several odd jobs and was then introduced to a binary system which then prompted him to seek more qualifications after which he went back to Malaysia and tried to start his own business, in doing this, he met like-minded individuals and together they founded a multilevel marketing company better known today as the QI group. Initially the people that were established in similar businesses found Vijay’s company amusing but 3 years down the line other companies began to see the group as serious competition and rightfully so because today Vijay’s company is amongst the leading businesses in the world and have received plenty awards to show for it.

Vijay also achieved an award In Asia’s Forbes 50 richest at number 25 and an award for Business Excellence at Global Indian Business Meet (GIBM).

A prominent philanthropist, Dr. Eswaran hasn’t let success get to his head. He has maintained his humble roots by delving himself to his spirituality and observing silence at times, to facilitate a better understanding of oneself which can also play a crucial role in business he believes. Eswaran has established two philanthropic organizations that work on various projects such as education, woman and youth empowerment worldwide. He was the recipient of the lifetime achievement in Regional philanthropy by the leading Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia. When he was young, his father instilled in him to practice “service above self” which he tries to impart to his daily life and his team. He also attributes his success to finding people with hunger and desire to succeed as much as he did and the belief that they are no defeats but gained experiences when it comes to running a business.