U.S Money Reserve takes the lead in this year’s AdSphere Awards

So far, 2018 has been a good year for the U.S Money Reserve Company. A few months ago, the company was honored by the Perth Mint when they were allowed to become the sole distributor of the set coin for the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The American market can now access the rare set of coins exclusively from the U.S Money Reserve, the leading distributor of government issued gold and silver.


When we thought it was over for the U.S Money Reserve, the company did it again. They dominated this year’s AdSphere Awards by winning the Best of Category awards for Short Form Products and infomercials. This is the second time for the company to win the awards after they emerged the top in the same categories in the previous year.


Currently, AdSphere Awards are the most inclusive awards in America. They recognize the leading network cable advertisers and brands that have exhibited outstanding performance in the $350 billion direct response television industry. The awards are presented by the DRMetrix, which is a leading research company in the DRTV industry. This year’s awarding ceremony was held in San Diego where more than 120 companies were represented.


Among those who attended the awarding gala include the CEO of U.S Money Reserve, Angela Koch. While speaking during the event, Angela Koch noted that she was pleased to receive the award on behalf of the company and the employees who contributed in a great way to the success of the company. She noted that her company’s efforts in the direct response television industry are steered by the company’s motivation to offer their audience with creative work and show a true reflection of their brand.


She continued to note that it is an honor to win the AdSphere Awards for two consecutive years. The trophies won in the two consecutive year’s shows that the company has extremely talented people in the marketing and media production departments. Even after winning the awards, the CEO noted that her company will continue to improve customer experience by continuously educating them on the benefits of distributing their wealth into tangible assets such as gold and silver.


The AdSphere Awards targets more than 7,700 brands and monitors over 120 national networks. They recognize top-notch advertisers across four main industry categories that include lead generation, short-form products, and 28.5-minute infomercials and brand/direct. Winning of such coveted awards is what makes U.S Money Reserve the America gold authority.