The Truth About Ryan Seacrest’s Morning Routine

At the age of 43, Ryan Seacrest has to continue to adjust to life in New York. This is after relocating from Los Angeles this previous year in order to host the show “Live” along with Kelly Ripa.

As with moving to the morning program, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest hosts a nationally-syndicated show on the radio, has TV series in production such as American Idol and the Kardashians and has his own line of clothing and skincare products. This is the ways he handles his typical day.

Trainer to Go

Beginning after I entered my twenties, I had a guilty feeling during each time I went go exercise during what were regarded as business times. I would not tell people that I was going to go workout at these times. When I was growing up, exercise and physical activity have become an essential part of the way I balance intense work and scheduling.

As Kelly and I stayed in the Bahamas a show of Live!, I took someone to train with me to ensure I would keep up with my routine. As of late, I have been taking up boxing with a coach. That means if anybody were to come at me, I’m prepared. Additionally, I use the Peloton bikes before going to my job.

Running is also a passion of mine. Treadmills aren’t my thing. It never ceases being fun to run around the park.

Morning Matcha

6 o’clock is when I start the day. I get ready very fast. That means, it’s a quick shave and shower and then some moisturizer on the face. I haven’t been based out of New York before, so I need to check over the forecast as well.

I’ll get into a uniform consisting of a zip-up hoodie, a T-shirt and a pair of sweats. After that, I put on my Uggs. Recently, I’ve started to wear my Uggs in May and people were telling me that I was putting them on too early.

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