Talkspace Handles Issues in the Outside World Related to Mental Health

While mental health can affect different people in different positions, there are certain issues in the world that can have an effect on the mental health of an individual. While successful athletes like Michael Phelps have needed therapy in order to get through their bouts of depression and anxiety, there are those who are going through something that is hurtful that have a need for therapy as well. One thing that therapy facilities like Talkspace can help with is giving them insights on the direction they can go in so that they can recover from the traumas they have gone through.

One thing that Talkspace is dealing with is sexual harassment. One of the reasons that sexual harassment is a big issue is that it causes a lot of damage to the individual that goes through it. One thing that one of the experts has pointed out is that any sort of trauma is going to need a lengthy road to recovery. Another thing that is pointed out is that sexual harassment and assault can be very painful for people that go through it. The worst thing about this type of occurrence is that a lot of people are reluctant to get help about it because they are shamed when they move forward.

To go along with the length of recovery from the traumas that come with sexual harassment and assault are the intensity of the process. There are a lot of emotions that people go through when they are sexually assaulted. Often times, they find themselves not knowing how to feel or how to process it. Without therapy, this results in finding unhealthy coping methods. This is one of the reasons that Talkspace works on making sure that there are more options available to people through the internet and other remote methods.