Sussex Healthcare Offers Rewarding Careers

Do you love helping people? Is it your desire to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you enjoy assisting the elderly? If any of that applies to you, Sussex Healthcare is looking to use your skills. Come to a dynamic work environment that is fulfilling and satisfying. You will enjoy getting out of bed and leaving your home just to get to a wonderful work atmosphere.

Sussex Healthcare has been helping elderly and disabled patients well over 25 years. They provide a very professional atmosphere and love to keep things fresh. This why Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO of the company. You will love seeing the people and enjoy making the positive changes that this business gives you the liberty to do. No other company can give you the satisfaction that Sussex can, and it’s definitely having an amazing impact on the residents that stay there. There are so many job opportunities available. Did you know that some of them require no work experience at all? That is right. You can be trained in Sussex’s own academy. This is designed so you can care for the patients the way this company expects you too.

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So you are probably asking where should you start? Where are the positions that will get me into the door to an exciting career? Well, there are several. They are spread out over several locations. You should definitely consider the area closest to you. However, if by chance you do not get that one, do not fret. There is a staff bus that will take you to your job post. Best if all, that bus is a free company perk just for being hired. Autism Lead, Accounts Assistant, Unit Manager, and Maintenance are just a few of the job postings offered. These vacancies do fill up so make sure to put your application in quickly.

There are also job benefits. Now, who wouldn’t want a job that comes with benefits? Sussex healthcare provides perks for its own employees. Are you aware that you can get paid for referral bonuses? That’s not all you get. If you work a weekend or holiday shift, they double your pay. You can also get free uniforms and subsidized meals for every shift you work. Sussex Healthcare can help get your dreams of working in the medical field come true. Call and schedule your interview today.

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