Sujit Choudhry the legal expert and his two cents towards the Catalonia-Spain dispute

With more than three decades in the legal realm, Sujit Choudhry, a renowned legal expert, especially in constitutional matters has seen almost everything that there is to be seen in law. He has helped countless countries attain democracy by participating in their constitution building, the rule of law and governance processes, Sujit has also helped numerous others achieve peace and stability during periods of political violence and ceasefires, by facilitating public dialogue and several other reconciliation methods, source (

Sujit has many roles under his belt and is indeed an all in one man when it comes to constitutional matters. For instance, he is an expert on the Canadian constitution and boasts a lot of written work in this area, check ( He is also on the International society of public law’s executive committee, and serves a long string of many other roles, including being the director of the Center of constitutional transitions which he established during the early 2000s.On top of all these responsibilities, Sujit Choudhry still serves the University of New York as a professor in its school of law, and several other universities and also has time to author and publish numerous works relating to law and constitution.


His stand on the Catalonia-Spain dispute

Due to his expansive knowledge on matters regarding the law, Sujit never fails to address issues that affect the international community. For instance, he recently came together with other constitutional scholars to address the political unrest that has been going on between Spain and Catalonia.

Together with the scholars, Sujit wrote an open letter to the two governments advising them to solve their issues carefully. The scholars urged the president of Catalonia to commit himself to lead Catalonia to independence by drafting a referendum that expresses the desire of Catalonians to secede, find important details on

According to Sujit and the scholars this is the only democratic way to find out what Catalonians want. In respect to that, they also went ahead to urge the prime minister of Spain not to engage in any activities that might subdue voter turnout even if the secession might result in a constitutional crisis for Spain. They also did not forget that he had issued the arrests and prosecutions of secession proponents and called him out on that, by reminding him that it is against international law.