Shervin Pishevar reveals important points in a tweet-storm

Shervin Pishevar is a notable angel investor and venture capitalist in the United States. He has invested in some of the biggest businesses in the country such as Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, Uber, and Warby Parker among others. He was until December last year the managing director of Sherpa Capital and also the co-founder of Hyperloop One. He has a knack for good opportunities, and when he says something related to the performance of the economy, everyone should listen. In February, he unleashed a tweet-storm revealing his thoughts about the performance of the US economy. His experience as an investor demands that other should take some time to gauge his ideas since he might be correct. Months later, most of his tweets continue to come true. So, what did he tweet about?

Performance of the stock market

One thing that came out openly from the tweets is that Shervin Pishevar expects the US economy to deteriorate in the future. From his perspective, all indicators of a failed economy had been activated. He predicted the stock market would lose 6,000 points, enough to erase the gains made in the past one year.

About Gold

Shervin Pishevar would not end his tweet without touching on the price of gold. By his projection, gold would be a haven for investors, and therefore the prices would go up significantly. On the same point, he predicted the fall of bitcoin.

American losing infrastructure battle

In the competition to see which country rules the world’s infrastructure development, Shervin Pishevar predicted that America was losing to China. He blamed the lack of vision on the part of the government and companies that the country was overtaken by China. He gave an example of China where they took nine hours to start and complete the construction of a rail station.