Serge Belamant: The Man behind the First Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant, also known as Serge Christian Pierre Belamant, who was born in Tulle, France in the year of 1953, is a giant name of present day world of technology. He arrived to South Africa at the age of fourteen and took admission in Highlands North High School for boys. He had good command over English and was an outstanding player of Rugby and chess. Serge Belamant was also an amazing athlete but who knew what this boy would turn out to be in future. This brilliant student completed his matriculation in 1972 and since then he could not adjust himself in subjects like engineering, applied mathematics and computer sciences. Instead he did several courses in information technology through UNISA. It now appears as if his fate was targeting him towards his ultimate destiny.

Serge Belamant worked for different firms, initially at Matrix. He worked on IBM computers, developed graphics interfaces, digital mapping, and road network analysis, joined Cybernet, ran COBRA system, and remained head analyst for ESKOM. He introduced first scientifically driven financial system after moving to DATABANK. VIB network is also one of his creations. He was presented the membership of RSA computer society after his contribution of a programme based on 10 different steps for analyzing risk and testing business sustainability. SASWITCH systems also speaks of his business achievements. In 1980, Serge Belamant was awarded as Analyst of the Year and again in 1982 he was given an award entitled, System’s Analyst of the Year.

According to Serge Belamant, afterwards, established his own firm. He is the founder of Zilch Technology Limited and Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. In 1989, UEPS came up with the his first Blockchain Debit Card. It revolutionized lowest cost banking and at the same time facilitated users. It does not require any central computer or electricity connection for its working but is rather handy for offline usage. It also shows compatibility for Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV), so could also be used as a debit card in places where EMV cards are accepted. Technology used in it saves time and energy and hence is a step into a brighter and revolutionized future.