Rocketship Education Curbs Bad Things And Encourages Good Things

Low income, run-down, high risk neighborhoods are occupied by non-profits that help local communities in many ways. These non-profits focus on specific aspects of life in communities. For example, some non-profits specifically focus on creating gardens in communities and including locals in gardening activities. Other non-profits focus on providing extra-curricula activities for children. There are some non-profits that focus on ways to curb serious problems brought on by negative things in communities that relate to sex and drugs. Some organizations focus on clothes and coats, while others focus on providing food.

Rocketship Education directs their focus toward building schools that match the quality of schools in more affluent public school districts. They have succeeded in their goals, over and over again. Their success has lead to the openings of more locations, which are all successful. Compared to traditional public schools that teach the same races and socio-economic classes of children, Rocketship Education scores high above. They are the most desirable schools to go to.

Another good reason why Rocketship Education is good is because of the fact that many children who attend their schools live in areas that are plagued by gangs. Sometimes children join gangs for acceptance, but many times they join gangs because their schools are so unsafe that they need the protection of a gang behind them. Having a very rigid, nurturing atmosphere where everyone is watched like a hawk—yet allowed to relax and have fun in the right ways—curbs the tragic spread of violence and gang activity. Also, the fact that Rocketship Education heavily puts emphasis on parental involvement leads to a decrease in chaos. Children are made to wear specific uniforms and articles of clothing, which also curbs the spread of negativity, because if people don’t wear uniforms they may wear gang colors. Also, clothes can be a distraction for children. When street clothes are thrown into the mix, some children end up being singled out for not wearing specific styles. Sometimes, certain colors and brands of clothing become insignias for gangs.