Richad Liu Quangdong wants to Leave China Better

As the CEO of, Richard Liu Quiangdong is very successful. The e-commerce platform, originally named with his and a former girlfriend’s initials is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China. He hopes one day to make it to the top of that list to become the biggest e-commerce company in China and then the world. Recently in an interview for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting he spoke of running a company and how they treat their customers.

Richard Liu started the company in 2004 after he’d had a run as a physical business owner and a failed run at owning a restaurant in college. He started the physical company to help his ailing grandma afford her medicine. He graduated in 1996 with a degree in sociology from the Renmin University of China.

From the beginning, he knew technology was a big deal. His initial company sold computer accessories and his online company started selling the same thing before moving to electronics and phones. Richard Liu’s company now sells everything you can think of on the site and delivers it to people’s homes.

When asked what the most popular thing they sold was he said food. Coming up right behind food was consumer goods. People are transitioning more and more to buying their groceries from online retailers who will deliver like Amazon. For now, he says Walmart is really their biggest competition, but they are able to offer more products for people to buy. His focus is on providing quality products with nothing counterfeit.

Eventually Richard Liu Quiangdong wants to bring his business to the UK and the US, but he will start with expanding in Asia. He has a plan and says he lives to challenge himself to grow bigger and be better.

When he retires, something he doesn’t see himself doing anytime soon, he just wants people to see him as a good person. He wants to give something to China and make it better. He also wants to be a role model for his children and the younger generation that hard work will pay off. Click here