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James Dondero Proudly Accepts Honorary Chair for the Family Place

James Dondero is a known leader in the Dallas community supporting prominent leaders, Mike Rawlings and Former Police Chief David Brown. He runs one of the largest investment management firms, Highland Capital Management in the United States serving as President. When work hours are over, he’s busy offering his time and financial contributions to non-profits… read more »

Eric Lefkofsky Uses Tempus to Help Cancer Patients

For Eric Lefkofsky, helping people who are sick is important. He knows helping cancer patients can help people with the issues they face and with the disease they’re fighting. Since Eric Lefkofsky knows so much about technology and how he can help, he feels good about what he’s doing for the patients he helps with… read more »

McDonald’s Grows OSI Group

OSI Group and McDonald’s formed one of the strongest partnerships in American history in the 1950s. Since McDonald’s is a globally recognized brand, it needs no introduction. OSI Industries, on the other hand, grew into an empire outside of the public’s sightlines. For a start, OSI founders never expected to became as successful as they… read more »

Best Alternative Lender: Equities First Holdings

Sometimes it is very difficult to qualify for a standard bank loan. Equities First Holdings is a company that can help people when they have this difficulty. Equities First Holdings is known as an alternative lender. Alternative lenders come in many different forms. The preferred form of lending that Equities First Holdings engages in is… read more »

Fortress Investment Group: Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer, a director and one of the co-founders at Fortress. The executive is a graduate from the University of Connecticut where he majored in Biology and English, as well as a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Boston Law School. Before joining Fortress, Randal served at a law firm where… read more »

Victoria Doramus Brilliant Contributions to the World of Marketing

Lifestyles, designs and overall consumer trends are some of the relatively complex niches in the world of advertising. However, these three critical niches have been Victoria Doramus area of specialty over the years. She is synonymous with well-thought policies and approaches for companies aiming at making these three areas more profitable and finally sustainable. Her… read more »

Shervin Pishevar reveals important points in a tweet-storm

Shervin Pishevar is a notable angel investor and venture capitalist in the United States. He has invested in some of the biggest businesses in the country such as Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, Uber, and Warby Parker among others. He was until December last year the managing director of Sherpa Capital and also the co-founder of… read more »

Robert Ivy: Professional Organizations Role In The Corporate Department

Professional associations have taken the market by a storm. All professionals are trying to join a professional institution so that they can make their lives in different careers better. Robert Ivy, a renowned architect who has a background in literature, knows the importance of joining these influential organizations. According to him, workers are bound to… read more »