McDonald’s Grows OSI Group

OSI Group and McDonald’s formed one of the strongest partnerships in American history in the 1950s. Since McDonald’s is a globally recognized brand, it needs no introduction. OSI Industries, on the other hand, grew into an empire outside of the public’s sightlines. For a start, OSI founders never expected to became as successful as they have.

OSI Industries originally started as Otto & Sons, a Chicago-based butcher shop opened by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Otto was a German immigrant who started a meat processing business with the intent of passing it on to his sons. With his family’s help, Otto & Sons became the premier meat processor in the region.

When his sons took over the business, they became one of the many suppliers that the McDonald’s company relied upon. At first, they saw a small boost in revenue, but they soon saw the potential that McDonald’s had and wanted to be a bigger part of the partnership.

In the 70s, Otto & Sons began invested nearly every penny they had in then-futuristic cryogenic freezing technology. Being able to freeze beef products and ship them great distances allowed McDonald’s to get rid of most of the suppliers and only rely on four.

With business booming, OSI Group McDonalds gained international notoriety. At first, OSI Group McDonalds joined forces because they had no other choices. Now, OSI Group McDonalds stays together because it’s successful. OSI Group McDonalds needs each other.

As McDonald’s grew internationally, so did Otto & Sons. After amassing industry fame and massive wealth, the sons transformed the company into OSI Industries. Currently, the company is led by Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO, and David McDonald, President and COO.

Of the two, David McDonald has the deepest connection to OSI and McDonald’s. David grew up on a farm in the Midwest and remains a member of the community. He’s worked at OSI since graduated college, joining the company over 30 years ago as a project manager.

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