HGGC Ventures Into the Global Marketplace

HGGC is a privately-held venture capital and equity investment firm that focuses on developing partnerships with middle-market businesses. The firm invests in companies that evidence a competitive position in global markets and seeks to acquire businesses that demonstrate a potential for long-term growth. The typical investment in each portfolio company is between $25 million and $125 million.

Through leveraged buyouts, capital investments, recapitalization and acquisitions, the company has achieved a total transaction value of more than $19 billion. Its cumulative capital investments total more than $4 billion and its 116 portfolio companies employ more than 62,000 employees worldwide.

HGGC develops multi-sector partnerships that leverage investments across numerous industries, including consumer, manufacturing and healthcare. The firm invests primarily in North America but will also partner with overseas businesses whose products and services are well-aligned with its mission. Its major sectors include software, business, information, financial and industrial services.

The firm’s leading investments are FPX, Denodo Technologies and MyWebGrocer. FPX is a developer of price-quote solutions and MyWebGrocer is a comprehensive online marketplace for grocery stores and packaged goods companies. HGGC’s other portfolio companies include HelpSystems, Idera, Hybris and Neutraceutical.

HGGC actively uses Google Analytics, Vimeo and Google Tag Manager to conduct business operations. Its website uses Viewport Meta and SSL by default and is compatible with all major mobile devices. The company has a large social media presence across various sites, including LinkedIn and Twitter, and the official company website receives nearly 5,000 monthly visitors.

In October 2018, the company announced the appointments of six new executives who were specifically hired to expand the company’s reach in financial, operations and investment roles. The new executives are all former employees of Blue Chip investment banking, market research and capital investment firms. Their collective experience in corporate portfolio strategy, business analytics and capital markets will help to foster portfolio growth and to better leverage company investments in future transactions.

HGGC was founded in 2007 and has deployed $5.4 billion in total equity throughout its history. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and currently has 92 employees.