GreenSky Credit Considering IPO

Gaining access to consumer loans has become far more difficult over the past decade due to tightening restrictions set forth by regulated banks across the country. For those that need money to make a major home repair or put on an addition, getting the money that they need to make the repairs is very challenging. Fortunately, a growing finance company is making getting these types of loans easier than ever before.

GreenSky Credit is an online finance company that specializes in providing consumers loans to people that need to make home improvements. The company has a very broad risk profile and will provide loans for up to $65,000. The money can then be used for any purpose that the borrower wants as long as it goes to improving the home. An added benefit is that the entire application process can be completed quickly online and approval takes almost no time at all.

Today, GreenSky Credit is continuing to be very popular with consumers and investors. For the past few years the company has continued to grow at a very rapid pace, which has allowed the company to gain the interest of a lot of new investors. In that time period, the company has raised several rounds of capital, which has allowed CEO David Zalik to value the firm at more than $1 billion. The capital has been used for a variety of purposes, including finding new ways to lend to reach new customers.

David Zalik is now considering taking the company one step further. As the need for new rounds of capital comes about, it is continuing to make a lot of sense for the company to go public. If GreenSky Credit and David Zalik take the company public, they will continue to be able to find ways to use the capital. While the real estate development industry has been very good for GreenSky Credit, David Zalik sees that there are many other great areas where the company could lend. This can include providing debt to small businesses that will be able to use it to grow their companies a number of ways.