Flavio Maluf: Business Leadership and Entrepreneur in Brazil

Flavio Maluf is a respected entrepreneur in the world of business. He began his career after completing his business administration course at New York University. Flavio also pursued a degree in mechanical engineering at Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado. The ambitious entrepreneur graduated and joined Citicorp and GrandFood Group to obtain working experience. Flavio had a goal of running his family’s business, Eucatex, a Brazilian Company. He joined in 1987 and took the leadership role in 1997. Find out more about how Flavio reports on and supports the Brazilian economy at barbacenaonline.com

Flavio first joined the company’s industrial activities department, after a couple of years he moved into administrative work department, and eventually become the executive leader due to his determination, hard work, and efficiency at work. He is currently the CEO of Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf stepping in the Eucatex Company brought gains and expansion. The company expanded and spread to around 35 countries via subsidiary office buildings. When Brazil hosted the Olympic Games, the company’s building supplies were used, which was a huge spot. Some of the building supplies offered by Eucatex include laminated floors, paint, toys, vinyl flooring, furniture, doors and panels, and partitions for walls.

Flavio has continued to blend his leadership style to an extent of making Eucatex Company have a long reputation for the environmental practices in the southern hemisphere.

That aside, Flavio Maluf is active when it comes to charity work for underfunded health organizations in precise. He also writes blogs and articles on subjects concerning aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers.

He gains an insight from his current position at his company allowing him to offer people in need of entering into the world of business with valuable and essential advice. Flavio addresses the issue of time and capital, a question that runs on every entrepreneur’s mind. He also provides advice on issues of investments to help investors to reach their potential.

Flavio has a strong belief that businesses can earn profit from tax incentives. He, therefore, encourages business owners to do that more often. To him, certain tax benefits can encourage a business to give back to the community by creating employment. Simply put, Flavio Maluf provides wisdom and offers advice to many people.

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