Peter Briger a renowned entrepreneur, Mentor, and Philanthropist

Professional Background The Executive manager of Fortress Investment Group, Briger was a student at Princeton University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. As business student has gained widen understanding in finance. Peter Briger as a Mentor He is passionate about education. Briger engages himself in mentoring young… read more »

Stream Cares and is Setting the Trend for Giving

Stream Energy is well-known for its generous donations of time and money, and they have been there for those who have lost everything because of the hurricanes that struck Dallas. They were also there for other natural disasters, and they are continuously supporting those in need and the homeless. Stream Energy has combined efforts with… read more »

Betsy Devos: A Necessary Change

Betsy DeVos sat down with Philanthropy Roundtable in the hopes that she could discuss how important the education system is to her and the future of America. She believes that in a lot of ways, this system has been ignored or deemed passable. But, is it a good idea to simply allow something that is… read more »

America, Zionists, Israel, And Adam Milstein’s Take On Everything

The Jerusalem Post is one of the most famous newspapers that is published in – you guessed it – Jerusalem. Although its interests used to serve a mildly left-wing cause, The Jerusalem Post now thoroughly sides with the political right. Adam Milstein is a great fit for The Jerusalem Post, as his political views firmly… read more »