Healthcare Services

Why Sussex Healthcare

As an independent healthcare company, Sussex healthcare provides care and support services to its clients in Sussex in the United Kingdom. In 1985, when the institution was established, the team had only one home or facility that provided care for all. Currently, the healthcare company has over 15 facilities in its network offering a wide… read more »

Eric Lefkofsky Uses Tempus to Help Cancer Patients

For Eric Lefkofsky, helping people who are sick is important. He knows helping cancer patients can help people with the issues they face and with the disease they’re fighting. Since Eric Lefkofsky knows so much about technology and how he can help, he feels good about what he’s doing for the patients he helps with… read more »

Donate Sight to Those who Need it through Sightsavers Charity

Sightsavers is a UK based charity that provides assistance to treatable blindness. Treatable blindness is blindness caused by poor living conditions, parasites, poor nutrition, and other qualifying conditions of bad eyesight that can be cured. One of the largest use of the donations for Sightsavers is it’s deworming program.   The deworming program is just… read more »

Sussex Healthcare Offers Rewarding Careers

Do you love helping people? Is it your desire to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you enjoy assisting the elderly? If any of that applies to you, Sussex Healthcare is looking to use your skills. Come to a dynamic work environment that is fulfilling and satisfying. You will enjoy getting out… read more »