Campaign Finance Reform: End Citizens United

One of the things that has made the United States of America such a great nation is the ability for individuals to influence our political system. Ever since the Supreme Court decision several years ago in the court case Citizens United versus the Federal election commission ruled that corporations are allowed the same rights as individuals and people there has been a public outcry against the surplus of untraceable donations to political campaigns across the nation. In any other place, there would be little that one could do in order to curb this potential source of corruption. However, since we live in the great nation of the United States of America political action is possible by ordinary citizens.

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Political action committee, End Citizens United, was formed just several years after the implementation of the Supreme Court decision. This organization was founded in response to this decision with hopes that organized political grassroots efforts could help to reform the political campaign finance policies that are currently in place. During the first election cycle that this political action committee took part in, they were able to raise $25 million. Perhaps the most significant thing about this raising of funds is that they submitted them for auditing so that they are all publicly traceable and fully accountable. The average donation amount was only $14. This is significant because the organization was able to grow to have several million members over an incredibly short period of time. This represents the will of the populace as individuals of the United States are growing more and more interested in the elimination of large-scale donor influences on politics.

In 2018 during the midterm election cycle for Congress End Citizens United has stated that their goal is to raise an additional $35 million. Again this money will be fully audited by the Federal elections commission and be fully accountable. By utilizing their grassroots campaign finance reform policies, they hope to help elect candidates to Congress that will aid them in their goal of reforming campaign-finance policies. They have already helped to elect several members to Congress. Their goal during the midterm election cycle of this year is to have opponents run against the so-called big money 20. Big money 20 are members of Congress who are in the pockets of large campaign donators and corporations. By endorsing members who are pro-Reformation, they hope to oppose the big money 20 and illuminate their influence on our political system.

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