Betsy Devos: A Necessary Change

Betsy DeVos sat down with Philanthropy Roundtable in the hopes that she could discuss how important the education system is to her and the future of America. She believes that in a lot of ways, this system has been ignored or deemed passable. But, is it a good idea to simply allow something that is foundational remain only passable? She’s quite sure that the system will continue to decline if this same attitude is exercised in the future. There are parents, teachers, and administrators that have expressed a growing frustration with the system. Conversely, there are parents, teachers, and administrators that continue to aid the problem with their sense of complacency. Simply because they believe that something is working does not mean that it is. In fact, the complete denial that there is a problem is making the problem worse.


In recent years, Betsy DeVos has traveled the country encouraging different states to enact policies that will support the growth of schools that operate outside of the public school system. She believes that such institutions will allow parents and children to experience a better degree of education. It is her hope that exposure to such institutions will create a word-of-mouth tradition that will empower more parents to take action with their young students. This will push them into the future of education, where it is more proactive and individualized.


Betsy DeVos seems to have supporters and detractors for this crusade. She wants her detractors to understand that she is not on a personal crusade against the public-school system, but it is broken. When a pipe is busted in your house, you are not going to allow it to keep pouring water all over the floor. In that same spirit, the public-school system is busted and the water that is pouring all over the floor is information that should be routed to eager schoolchildren. However much like the busted pipe, that information is going nowhere instead of to where it is initially intended. While Betsy DeVos is an advocate for change within the systems, she also understands that such change will require a long amount of time and commitment. In the meantime, she proposes that some students exercise their right to choose different types of institutions for their educational needs. She believes that moving to these different schools will encourage public-schools to move faster when it comes to these needed policy changes.


In summation, Betsy DeVos is interested in changing the way that education is viewed in America by putting forth alternative educational methods. In order to do that she knows that parents need to be more involved in the process and they need to feel as though they had a direct line to their children’s education. She wants them to feel as though that is their right because it is. Parents will continue to be instrumental in the success of any type of school program throughout the nation, Betsy DeVos simply acknowledges that she is going to be one of the major figures throughout this change.


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