Best Alternative Lender: Equities First Holdings

Sometimes it is very difficult to qualify for a standard bank loan. Equities First Holdings is a company that can help people when they have this difficulty. Equities First Holdings is known as an alternative lender. Alternative lenders come in many different forms. The preferred form of lending that Equities First Holdings engages in is called stock-based lending. Stock-based loans allows a person to use their portfolio as collateral for borrowing money. This has many advantages over traditional lending. One major advantage is that the interest rate is rarely over 4%. The amount of money that can be borrowed is based on loan-to-value calculations which typically falls between 50% and 75%. Equities First Holdings not only helps the private individual, but they are also known to write really large deals for businesses. Helping businesses achieve immediate goals and capital needs via leveraging their portfolio. Equities First Holdings is definitely a company that anyone who’s interested in alternative lending should get to know a lot better.

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