America, Zionists, Israel, And Adam Milstein’s Take On Everything

The Jerusalem Post is one of the most famous newspapers that is published in – you guessed it – Jerusalem. Although its interests used to serve a mildly left-wing cause, The Jerusalem Post now thoroughly sides with the political right.

Adam Milstein is a great fit for The Jerusalem Post, as his political views firmly cement him on the far right, though he isn’t an extremist by any means; rather, Mr. Adam Milstein is one of the most intelligent writers in the world of Israeli common events and news, not to mention one of the most successful businesspeople in his field across the entirety of the United States.

Mr. Adam Milstein is known as a frequent guest contributor to The Jerusalem Post. Even though the Israel-born Milstein doesn’t work full-time as a writer or journalist, nor did he go to school to become either one of the positions, Adam writes exponentially better than most people that write for any newspaper or other types of publications, for that matter.

Check out what Adam Milstein wrote about in the J-Post earlier this month

Milstein wrote a piece that was published on May 9, 2018, and revolved around the then-upcoming “birthday” of Israel. The State of Israel did, in fact, successfully celebrate its 70th anniversary on May 14, though the country is still facing resistance from various groups around the world for not folding as a nation.

Mr. Adam Milstein realizes that Palestinians have been trying to gain access to their so-called “homeland” for decades upon decades – altogether, the Arabic Muslims, the demographic majority of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, haven’t been able to enter Israel nor leave the former country because the Israel Defense Forces have stood their ground to retain sovereignty as a nation.

The prolific real estate investment expert – Milstein – compares the Zionist Dream to that of the American Dream.

Sailors first came to what would later be known as the United States to practice their religion freely. Jewish people fled to what is now known as Israel to do the same thing.