Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Make Changes To The Chainsmokers Music And Make History

Alex Pall is better known as being 1/2 of the duo The Chainsmokers. Upon the release of their single “Closer”, they sit down for an interview to recap how their success has been felt. Here is a recap of the interview performed.

The latest single of “Closer” is unlike any of the past hits that the Chainsmokers have released. The latest single features an upcoming artist known by the name Halsey. The previous singles with those in particular mention of “Don’t Let Me Down and “Roses” are releases with Andrew Taggart, the other half of the Chainsmokers.

With the latest additions to their collection of hits, you might notice that there is something different this time around. In previous hits put out by the band, you might have noticed a lack in the vocals appearing in each single. With the latest change to their music being the addition to the vocals. While most other bands are known for their vocals on songs, the Chainsmokers are known because of their beats rather than who is singing the song.

In prior bands in this experience, the members performing have tried their hardest to remain behind the scenes. For Pall and Taggart, they want to become more involved with their fans and the music. They are starting a trend that no one else has wanted to set. In the genre where intimacy is not shown, they are making headlines with the changes they are making.

What some people might be interested in knowing is that these two people did not grow up as friends. The truth of the matter actually is that they became friends after forming the group. Alex Pall had spent much of his life as a DJ. He was working in and around NYC as a DJ when he wanted to be more than just a simple DJ. While working with the current manager of the group, Alex was introduced to Andrew and they formed the group upon Andrew moving to NYC from Maine. Alex quit his job and everything from there was history.

Andrew was in the mist of college when he first took interest into being a DJ. He had always held a passion for electronic music and decided to begin a life in the music after listening to and seeing Avicii. He was introduced in the production side of the music and that is when he decided to start producing.

When the two of them met, no one really knew how well it would go over. There was a question about whether or not the pair could actually work together or become friends. When they met, they spent the weekend talking about the types of music they both liked and what they would like to happen as a group or band. After the weekend was over, Drew knew it was time to uproot his life and begin doing something he loved. All of it from there was up hill.